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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Forex Axe Price Reversal Strategy - ( Urdu Version )

by Mian Kashi  |  at  03:04

فوریکس ایکس  پرائس ریورسل سٹریٹیجی ہے  جو قابل اعتماد دو انڈیکیٹرز کی مدد  سےSell  اور Buy  کے سگنل دیتی ہے اور نا قابل یقین  پپس حاصل کرنے میں مدد کرتی ہے ۔  انتہائی آسان اور سادہ ہے ۔ فوریکس ایکس پرائس  ریورسل سٹریٹیجی  95 فیصد سے زیادہ کامیابی میں مدد گار ہے۔ 
مصنف : طارق فاروق
قیمت : 40 ڈالر 

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Forex Axe Price Reversal Strategy - ( English Version )

by Mian Kashi  |  at  12:54
Forex Axe strategy is price reversal strategy. It gives reliable price reversal signal by confirmation of two indicators. Forex Axe Price Reversal Strategy is easy, simple and reliable. New traders also can use it without any confusion.Forex Axe strategy gives more than 95% success.Indicator mentioned in book will be given free.

Written By : Tariq Farooq Babar

Price 40$ Click To Buy

Monday, 24 November 2014

Forex Funtec Strategy (English Edition Book)

by Mian Kashi  |  at  23:35

FUNTEC STRATEGY: Did you notice many time price does not respect any price action, fibo, support n resistance, candlestick patterns and so on. price is always driven by fundamental forces, If you follow these forces your trade will move with price and more than 95% your trade will be positive. Its so simple and easy that you can't imagine. Market is driven by fundamental forces.During price movement several support/resistance level, fibo, price action,candlestick atterns etc. Come but strong market does not respect these all.if we find fundamental forces and apply on charts then our trade moves parallel to market making more than 95% odds in our favor.This book is written in detail each step is explained with real screen shots leaving no thrust.
Written By : Tariq Farooq Babar

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Magic Entry (Book)

by Mian Kashi  |  at  23:35

For successful trading several factors are involved.  Major factor is trend. There are always two issues with trend.  First is how to find a strong trend the second is how its reliable. In this book I have beautifully explained these two factors. It is shown by real trading shots when its safe to trade and when not to trade. Then major factor is entry point.This is where majority of traders fail. I have gave new vision to find beautiful entry points both by manual and divergence method.  Stop loss is calculated by the previous history of price such that 95% chances are that stop loss will not hit.You learn how to keep your charts clear and simple using only one indicator that is moving average.

Written By : Tariq Farooq Babar
Price 47.95$ Click To Buy

Fundamental Made Easy (Book)

by Mian Kashi  |  at  23:33

Fundamental Analysis consists of GDP, trade balance, unemployment, interest rates etc etc. This all is economics related subject that’s why majority of traders cannot understand these. But on the other hand its also fact that prices are moved by theses above terms and these are called leading indicators. I presented this economics in so easy, simple and unbelievable way That even newbies can understand well. After reading and following in trading you will feel that price is following your trades.

Written By : Tariq Farooq Babar

Price $38.95 Click To Buy

Trading With Price Action (Book)

by Mian Kashi  |  at  23:33

Price action is art and skill of trading based on raw price data without indicator, news or
fundamental data. It is also called naked trading because it involves trading on a naked
Price chart. More specifically, the discipline of price action trading does not utilize lagging indicators, trading system instead the trader’s intent to read the price and map
Out key market levels, identify price action signals and other chart patterns.

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Forex Funtec Strategy (Urdu Version Book)

by Mian Kashi  |  at  23:32

مارکیٹس فنڈامنٹل فورسز کی وجہ سے چلتی ہیں یہی وجہ ہے راستے میں سپورٹ اور رزسٹنس
فیبو ناکی پرائس ایکشن پرائس پیٹرن آتے ہیں  مگر پرائس ان کو خاطر میں نہیں لاتی اور اپنے ٹرینڈ پہ چلتی رہتی ہے۔  اگر آپ ان فنڈامنٹلز کو سمجھ لیں اور ان کے متوازی ٹریڈنگ کریں تو 95٪  سے زیادہ نتائج آپ کے حق میں ہوتے ہیں ۔
Funtec Strategy  کو  آسان اردو زبان میں  ریئل چارٹس MT4  کی مدد سے تفصیل سے بیان کیا گیا ہے اور فنڈامنٹلز کو حیران کن نئے زاویئے سے بیان کیا گیا ہے ۔

Written By : Tariq Farooq Babar

Price 87$ Click To Buy

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